How to Use

The STROBE nut paper is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Read here how you can use this material correctly.

STROBE nut comprises a set of 24 items, organized as a checklist. The main purpose of the checklist is to facilitate the transparency of reporting, probing authors to include certain information, which is believed to add clarity to the paper without restricting the creativity of authors or interfering with the peer review of editorial policies of journals. It is important to note that the guidelines should not be used as a quality appraisal tool of studies, or as criteria to assess study design and methods.

We recommend using the STROBE-nut checklist together with the STROBE-nut manuscript to ensure correct interpretation of the items. STROBE-nut should preferably be used together with the STROBE-nut Explanation and Elaboration paper, the STROBE Explanation and Elaboration, as well as any other relevant STROBE extensions e.g., STROBE-ME.

The STROBE-nut reporting guidelines and checklist were built on consensus between a group of experts in nutritional epidemiology and dietary assessment, and will be updated in the future. Therefore feedbacks, comments, and new evidence are welcomed. Please contact us.

We aim to disseminate STROBE-nut and the checklist widely. We welcome the inclusion of the checklist in undergraduate, graduate and PhD training courses worldwide. If you are involved in a relevant program and you can integrate it in a courses curriculum, please contact us for further collaboration. We will also support high quality translations to different languages through this website.


STROBE-nut is integrated in Exposure Assessment in Nutrition Research course Wageningen University and the course of Food and Nutrition epidemiology of Ghent University MSc Nutrition and Food Systems